Working in social science/policy sometimes prompts unfavorable realizations about my childhood/my family’s circumstances.

Today, as I edit tables for a Head Start study, it’s the fact that we were a food insecure household. My mother would have to have answered affirmatively to questions such as, “Parent or other adult in household cut the size of meals or skipped meals because there was not enough money for food,” “Parent ate less than should have because there was not enough money to buy food,” and “Parent was hungry but did not eat because could not afford enough food.”

When I was a kid, I didn’t question my mom taking us to McDonald’s to get stuff off the dollar menu and claiming she “wasn’t hungry.” I was so oblivious, man.

Another response category in this table is, “Purchased food did not last and there was no money to get more.” I know for a fact that that still happens. My mother has lived paycheck-to-paycheck, just barely scraping by, her whole life.

A friend of a friend was lecturing me about personal finances on gchat yesterday, and I wasn’t tryna hear it. [Booskie] and I admitted that neither of us knows shit about personal finance, but it’s like, the fuck do words like “compound interest” and “Roth IRA” mean to a person who already makes more than her father ever has at age 23?


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