I just ordered a fancy new digital camera package on Groupon, because my old camera had this super-annoying problem where the little thingamajig that holds the battery in place would never lock, and so the battery would slip out and it would randomly shut off and shit when I was trying to take a picture. Welp, the last time I brought my camera out for a night of drinking and picture taking, for the Princeton Club Gala in September, my camera and I made it home, but the battery didn’t. I considered this to be a sign that it was time to lay that camera to rest.

Now I have a fancy new Canon PowerShot on its way to me, because #Ideservenicethings and also #retailtherapy. I spent an extra $40 for the complete camera package, which includes among other things a flexible mini-tripod. My selfie game is about to step way the fuck up. 


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