Today was pretty okay for the most part. 

I had to work this morning, which wasn’t actually so bad. When I got home, I laid out tanning in the sunshine and later sat on the porch and enjoyed the smell of the rain. I napped in the hammock. I finished reading two books I started earlier in the week. I helped one of my roommates get ready for her grad school prom. 

But tomorrow is a whole ‘nother day of having to entertain myself. I feel like I’m literally just finding ways to pass the time until it is Monday morning and time to go back to work, and that’s just about the most pathetic thing I can imagine. Even when the things I do are things I like doing, on some semi-muted level I feel like I’m just doing them to distract myself from the waiting.

I feel like for most people, a weekend of no plans means, ‘Wheeeeee, I can do whatever I want.’ But for me, weekends of no plans really just feel like I’m waiting for Monday and trying not to absolutely lose my mind in the meantime. 


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