Dear brown girl, we have been forced to believe in a fiction that seeks to destroy us. We are not the stories we tell about ourselves or the worst things that have happened to us. We are not our darkest days. We are not our mothers or fathers or uncles or aunts. We are not this country’s psyche or the keepers of its shame. We are the beautiful unbecoming of a history built between our legs. We are deserving of love and compassion because we are. And when we succeed, it is because we have believed in ourselves enough to try. And when one of us falls, we must be vigilant that others of us do not.

If we want to be free, we must imagine (for ourselves) a future of liberatory love and transformative justice so that none of us is left behind. When it gets difficult—and it will—remember:
there is love here,
and there is freedom
on the other side.

Sadia Hassan, “Brown Girl, Heal”

(via the dopest ethiopienne)


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