1.“Darling, I am here for you.” Look into their eyes and say this with your full attention. When you love someone the best thing you can offer them him or her is you’re your true presence.

2.“Darling, I know you are there.” And I am truly happy because I know you are there.” You recognize the presence of your loved one something very precious. Embrace your partner with your mindfulness.

3.“Darling, I know you suffer, that is why I am here for you.” Acknowledge your partners suffering, their pain and your presence alone can bring immediate relief.

4. “Darling, I suffer. I’m trying my best to practice. Please help me”. This is one of the most difficult to master when you are suffering and you believe that your suffering is caused by your loved one and you feel you want to punish them. If you can bring yourself to share the moment and say this to your loved one, you will immediately feel an opening.

Thich Nhat Hanh

(via solo amor)

Some of these come so easily to me and some of them take so. much. work. It has always  been so difficult for me to say I need help. By some combination of nature and nurture, the role of caretaker/fixer feels so much more natural to me than being the one who needs taking care of. But I’m working to let myself feel and express that need more often. 


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