When you gotta rebuild your sexuality from the ground up, like a phoenix, because societies impositions, pressure, harrassment, assault damaged your entire sense of self and connection to your own body. Every now and then a survivor slips thru the cracks and ends up with a mostly clean slate and a connection to their body many untraumatized women couldnt glean coz they didnt have to break.
But everybodys not that. Most people arent.
In a world so rife with sexual trauma, not much is said about how to be sensitive to survivors of it. Not in day to day or in intimate situations. How does that serve to retraumatize?
The intense domineering thats appealing to people who are in a mental space to like that, can be scary and cause dissociation in someone else.
Without even getting into average self consciousness pushed onto women. Cant enjoy anything if you worried bout how you look and if youll be treated subhuman for doing it. If you were raised to worry bout anybodys pleasure but your own.

the bad dominicana


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