While I appreciate the carrots that the President continues to throw out to his liberal base, it is clear that Black women on the whole are being overlooked and actively dismissed by this administration. I say this, not in an attempt to set racial concerns at odds with LGBTQ issues. LGBTQ people are Black and Brown, too. But robust attention to discrimination against queer-identified people does not constitute a racial justice program.

And a program that focuses only on boys and men of color does active harm and injustice to Black and Brown women and girls. If President Obama wants his political legacy to be that he cared the least about the demographic that supported him the most, it should be clear that Black women are not going to lie down and take it. If our votes count, that means our issues ought to count, too. And this is why today, more than 1000 women and girls of color, including me, have signed a letter urging the President to include women and girls of color in all forthcoming My Brother’s Keeper initiatives.

When it comes to addressing racial justice issues, President Obama’s personal identifications with Blackness take center stage, trumping substantial attention to Black women as a political constituency. I used to believe that Obama’s personal racial identifications were powerful, that having a President who had experienced racism personally would help him commit to doing something about it when he had the opportunity to do so. But what has become apparent is that President Obama’s personal understanding of racism is deeply tethered to his position as both Black and male. The effect is that his personal experience has limited his vision of racial justice to just one gender.

–Dr. Brittney Cooper, “Not going to lie down and take it”: Black women are being overlooked by this president

(via the dopest ethiopienne)


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