Sometimes the combination of being a generally social and busy person and being poly has me like: 


Scheduling is a struggle sometimes. Something came up with [Lady] when I was supposed to see her on Tuesday, and we had to push it back til this coming Monday because EY and her boyfriend are in town visiting me, which means it’ll have been over two and a half weeks since I’ve seen her! I’m really looking forward to that, regardless of the fact that it has been circumstantially pre-determined that this fourth date will not be the date on which we start spending time at my house post-real world activities. And I will hopefully get to stay over at [Booskie]’s place after going to a work goodbye happy hour on Wednesday, though that’s not officially confirmed quite yet. I’ve got my fingers crossed it works out, though, otherwise we’re probably looking at toeing the 2 week line as well.

Either way, there is quite some time standing between me and snuggles, and watching EY and her boyfriend be cute is not helping matters. Le sigh. I’m too touchy-feely for whole weeks without touches or feels.


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