I am learning to let myself be what I need to be and let others be what they need to be.

I am different but the same, having surrendered to my calling.  Accepting that this journey will pull me away for a while, I have to go and I have to let people feel the way they want about it.  Releasing my most stubborn need to pity myself — my old surrender — anything to be liked, accepted, and approved.  It feels strange to let that go then watch myself struggle with it. Wondering who is mad at me.  Wondering why I’m wondering.  The battle of the old and the new.

I’m digging so deep to find my next level. Feeling shy about it, hungry for it, giving all my energy to it.  I only want to build.  I want to see what can happen if I faithfully nurture that which I used to hide. My doubts can’t stand up against my knowing.  Not anymore, because I’m committed to living a fully expressed life.

–GG Renee, “This is My Life Lately (We Can Do Hard Things)” | The Write Curl Diary


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