People constantly evolve, so who you are (and who I am) are constant works in progress. We’re all in a position to keep discovering ourselves.

We all influence each other as well, directly and indirectly. The part of polyamory I treasure most is that it allows me to let people into my life, and my heart, on as deep a level that feels right to everyone involved. To experiment with boundaries and engagement. To allow ourselves to be forever changed by contact.

–aggiesez | Solo Poly


2 thoughts on “aggiesez, on what she treasures about polyamory

  1. My wife and I have been poly for quite a while now and it has it’s own set of challenges. With appropriate rules and boundaries it works out for us! The initial few months were difficult, but after that things were much easier.

    1. Hey PolyCouple! Thanks for the comment. My boyfriend, his other primary partner, and I have been poly for just over a year now. We were each new to it as a relationship style. It definitely has its challenges, and we’re all still learning as we go, but so far we’ve been pretty amazed by how well saying and going after what we honestly want has been working. 🙂

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