Now I am all for kissing. I love doing it and am willing to kiss pretty much anyone. The thing was that however she was a nice kisser, she was nowhere near as good as my loves. I just kept thinking “oh nice but wrong person”. That just really got me thinking that it might take quite a special person for me to even get interested. It won’t be easy for anyone to compare to them 🙂 Which is just a good thing obviously because why on earth would I want to date anyone less awesome? I just kinda realized that I do not have much interest for dating others now either. Having 3 people in my life might be a bit much even for me. I’ll still get out there as I like to keep my options open and our triad is in no way closed. Never the less I can see a lot of “sorry you’re great but not as great as my girlfriend/boyfriend” discussions in the future.

–Harley, of We’re all mad here

I haven’t read anything that feels this validating in a long time. It feels awesome to know that other poly people sometimes feel this way too. It takes some up-front feelings of connection for people who aren’t [Booskie] to interest me, and that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m doing this wrong.


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