What is partnership? It’s being there for one another, without a ledger, without a boundary, doing what it takes to keep a partner whole and growing, and in the process hitching a ride on each others growth.

A Talented Stumblr

As soon as I walked in his door last night, [Booskie] was full of smiles and hugs and kisses. I commented on his good mood, and he replied that he was happy that I was there. In that moment, all of the small annoyances of having been with my family for the weekend and travelling back to DC melted away. It was the first of many very cute, us-celebratory things he said last night and this morning (that I, of course, returned). I’m in between work trips at the moment, and he’s the biggest reason I came back between the two trainings. I got to see him on my last night in town before I left and on the first of the two nights I’m back, and spending 5 of the 10 minutes I got for breaks at this training talking to him felt so much more significant than our normal mid-workday gchatting. We were riding the strugglesbus together from our separate locations for a couple of days, but we got through by leaning on one another for emotional and practical support.

Is spending more time apart supposed to make us feel stronger? I’m at work right now, being somewhat productive but occasionally still distracted by how amazed I am at him providing all the reassurance I needed out of nowhere, without me even needing to hint that I needed it.


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