You won’t have interesting conversations or discoveries in your comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong — your comfort zone is a perfectly good place to hang out in when you’re enjoying a good novel or relaxing with friends. But your comfort zone can’t handle you working through your internalized oppression or facing messed up truths about yourself and the world around you. In fact, it doesn’t hurt to actively seek out your own discomfort in manageable doses. We tend to get uncomfortable when we learn that we’re contributing to a problem, benefiting from privilege, or feeling powerless to effect change. And that discomfort often leads us to avoid reflecting and acting on these parts of our lives, or having important conversations with people. We can’t afford to avoid all of our discomforts. There will always be someone or something to unsettle us, to remind us that the world is full of injustices that lifetimes of fighting by countless people haven’t eradicated.

5 Steps to Unlearning a Lifetime of Patriarchal Lies — Everyday Feminism

(via because i am a woman)


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