When we tell the truth about who we are, what we need and want, and how we feel, it helps us feel connected to people and form deep bonds with them. Telling the truth is not always easy, especially when you feel that the disclosure will hurt someone you love. But withholding information to protect someone you love is not only unfair to them, it is counterproductive to the relationship.


Many of the people I spoke to said that when their partners share information with them, they feel informed and in the loop. Knowing what’s going on makes them feel more secure about their relationship and more connected to their partner. Many say that they feel the most insecure, jealous, and anxious when they don’t know what is up. What often happens is that they use their imagination to fill in the blanks, fear and irrationality come into play, and they make something into what it is not or imagine the worst-case scenario.

Tristan Taormino, Opening Up

(via PolyamorousLife)

I just let my friend LS borrow this book. I hope it helps.


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