The absence of Officer Wilson’s indictment is consolidates a series of historic and systemic protections and managements of Whiteness and its fatal “fear” of Black bodies. Despite studies of “unconscious bias,” the American consciousness puts an economic and socio-cultural value on Black folks and its utter disregard for justice on these bodies speaks volumes.

Only Whiteness can kill an unarmed Black boy with his hands up and leave him for dead in the street. Only whiteness can assume terror on the body of a Black woman asking for help. Only whiteness can shoot a Black girl in her home as her grandmother tried to protect her from police raid. Whiteness can with kill in cold blood freely despite revolutionary documentation. Whiteness can have a criminal history of abuse and assault and walk free from dashing Black life so young. And as we have seen this weekend in at Keene State whiteness can even wreak havoc in streets with out so much of a single bullet shot.

Jay Dodd, Iconography of Supremacy: Officer Wilson, Keene State, and Whiteness

(via spinsterette)


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