So I’m not sure if I’m unlocking some meaning to life or becoming a good saleswoman, or if they’re the same and that’s the evolutionary function of Capitalism. BUT, I’m finding that confidence comes from the same place as fear, which is almost nowhere. There is really just as little reason to be confident in something you’ve never done before, as there is reason to be afraid of something you’ve never done before. The difference is that fear produces more stomach aches.

Fear offers a weak protection, but confidence is actually like this magnetic force that you can feel. And like fear, it’s a muscle. The more you use it, simply by knowing that there’s no way to let down the people in the room by entering it – i.e. people are not automatically disappointed in your existence i.e. people are curious about what you have to say i.e. people are ready to see you in whatever way you present yourself – the stronger that feeling gets.

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