I must be an emotional archaeologist because I keep looking for the roots of things, particularly the roots of behavior and why I feel certain ways about certain things.

Fred Rogers

(via PolyamorousLife)

^Me me me me meeeee. I tend to call this examining the onion of feels, because everything has layers and usually I’m crying. But sometimes I think about it in a more complex way, like a 3D Venn Diagram with an uncountable number of spheres that intersect in the most fascinating of ways. Every way I feel about “Thing A” is connected to how I feel about Things B, C, D, E, F, etc. In order to get a handle on or begin to think about how to turn down the volume on any particular feeling that is too loud, too consuming, I need to map it out and see all its layers/intersections. Sometimes I try to draw these maps out for other people, but sometimes they feel like a spiraling loop I can’t escape, with intersections tying back on themselves like a game of chutes and ladders.


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