How important is my desire for multiple romantic relationships?

I don’t have a desire for multiple romantic relationships. I want to have a multitude of close emotional relationships, yes. Of course. I’ve always wanted that and I’ve always had it. They have just overwhelmingly been platonic. My friends have always been the most intimate relationships in my life, the people I get most of my comfort, support, companionship, advice, joy, love, acceptance, fun, etc. from. I do not feel as though I am restricting myself by not turning these relationships into romantic relationships (for the close friendships in which sexual/romantic orientations would allow that to be possible). I have enjoyed practicing sexual non-monogamy in the past, though this has generally started out from a place of trying to fill the gaps in my life caused by my romantic partner having other romantic partners. Having a range of sexual experiences has been pleasant, but also does not feel like a pressing desire. I enjoy the freedom to capitalize on a moment to explore a sexual possibility with someone, but don’t wish to seek out others for the purpose of having sex with them.


About alaiyo0685

I'm a kind of quirky, pretty stubborn, way too opinionated, twenty-something, intellectual, introspective, queer, Black, female, in a polyamorous relationship, and this is where I try to figure out my life.

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