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Question: Hey Afroholic, I read your blog from time to time and see that you have a strong interest in sociology. Do you plan on pursuing this subject further, i.e., in graduate studies? (I think you mentioned wanting to before, but not sure.) If so, how would you focus your work within those studies given how many subjects you’re interested in? Thanks in advace for answering. The blog layout is fab btw. :D

Hey reader!

First off, thanks for reading the blog! I always appreciate blog love. 🙂
My undergrad degree is in Sociology, and back in the day the plan was to work for a year or two and then pursue a PhD in Sociology in hopes of going the professor route. That dream sorta went bust after I started working for an awesome company in the private policy research sector — I feel like the work I’m doing advances public well-being in a much more directly impactful way than what I’d do in the ivory tower.
If I do pursue further education at all, it’ll probably be a Master’s from the joint program in survey methodology from the University of Maryland. Since I live and work in DC, it’s close by, a cheaper alternative to some of the other schools in the area, and pretty well recognized for being an amazing program. My thesis advisor from Princeton actually recommended it to me when he heard I was moving to DC, and a few people who work or have worked for my company have also done it (partially on the company’s dime). But even that is in the distant-ish future for me, I think. I really enjoy the young professional life — I’m going to wait to go back to school until I feel like I miss it.
Sorry if that doesn’t get at what you were looking for about narrowing down academic interests!

I noticed that you’re considering not running for a position in Quad next year. Why not?

I’m trying to simplify my life. Fact #1: I can’t always be superwoman. Fact #2: I have been in denial of Fact #1 for as long as I can remember. I love being in Quad, but honestly, I feel like being an officer of Quad was just like, something I did because Maya is an officer of every club she’s a part of, not because I really really wanted to. And while I had a great time, it’s time to start doing things for me, not just to do them. I need to stop spreading myself so thin in so many different directions.

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I am a Grecian myth buff, and your hair reminds me so of the legendary Medusa. How do you keep your snake-like locks so beautiful?

😀 <– this question makes me happy.

In truth I don’t do very much to them. I condition in the shower every morning, I usually do some kind of light scalp-oiling, and then scrunch some kinky-curly curling custard in there to keep the coils tight. If I want a more untamed look, I lose the kccc. I don’t comb it out as much as I should, and I never use shampoo because it’s bad for you.

If I was going to do one more awesome thing for my hair, I’d buy a satin pillowcase.

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Why do you wear ridiculously tall heels on a consistent basis? Are you insecure about your height? Or are you trying to balance yourself out?

I used to be insecure about my height when I was a kid, because I was so much taller than everybody else. Then I decided that I was just going to own that; that I would be the tall girl and that would be what was cool about me. And then like, freshman year of high school when all the boys suddenly grew like 6 inches, I started wearing heels to maintain the image of being tall.

Now I’ve gotten to the point where they’re kind of annoying, though, and recently purchased two new pairs of flats in an effort to weed the "stilts" out of my wardrobe.

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Do you ever wish that you were somewhere else other than US and had a cool foreign heritage story? Which country would you pick?

Do you mean that I was FROM somewhere other than the US? Hmm…I wish I knew where my ancestors were from, so that I could have a better understanding of my roots, but I’m not sure I would actually want to be from somewhere else. This is all I know! I also kind of like being a bit of a mutt; as cool as being 100% something is, it’s also pretty cool having a lot of different flavors mixed up inside of you.

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