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I have never been able to understand people with consistent lives – people who, for example, grow up in a liberal Catholic household and stay that way; or who in junior high school are already laying down a record on which to run for president one day. Imagine having no discarded personalities, no vestigial selves, no visible ruptures with yourself, no gulf of self-forgetfulness, nothing that requires explanation, no alien version of yourself that requires humor and accommodation. What kind of life is that?

Michael Warner, “Tongues Untied” in Curiouser: On the Queerness of Children (216)

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Self-definition has been a responsibility I’ve wholeheartedly taken on as mine. It’s never a duty one should outsource. Of this responsibility, writer and poet Audre Lorde said, ‘If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.’ Self-definition and self-determination is about the many varied decisions that we make to compose and journey toward ourselves, about the audacity and strength to proclaim, create, and evolve into who we know ourselves to be. It’s okay if your personal definition is in a constant state of flux as you navigate the world.

–Janet Mock, Redefining Realness

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“You your best thing, Sethe” [from Toni Morrison’s “Beloved”]. That line always makes me cry. How many of us have lived lives without ever realizing the possibility of that sentence? You your best thing. Man.

–Junot Díaz, when asked by HuffPo Books“Do you have a favorite sentence from a book? What is it?”

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