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This photoset gives me all the feels.


Lucy Mulima by Travys Owen

(via the dopest ethiopienne)


Poetry is like a portrait of a moment or person, and the poem is almost like looking at a photograph; it slaps you in the face and kisses you at the same time. Nothing else does that, with that brevity. Songs try to do it, but that’s three minutes. A poem, you read it and it kind of changes your life and you don’t know how it happened and you can never forget it. It’s like the best song lyric, the best line from a film—everything in the world that’s short and great put together.

–Warsan Shire, in an interview with Anupa Mistry

(via the dopest ethiopienne)

(1)ne Drop: A project i’m DEFINITELY interested in:

You know anything that touches upon what it means to be Black today will find its way onto my radar sooner or later. When academics and artists join forces, what can result but beauty and a sense of the profound? This project aims not only to challenge people’s understandings of Blackness, but also to challenge the way we expect understandings to be challenged, and that in and of itself is beautiful. Watch the promotional video: