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Totally Biased: Kamau Speaks with Tim Wise (Extended Interview)

So I really don’t know how to feel about this man. My instinct is distrust, but that feels like it’s caught up in some internal biases of my own, so then I want to hear him out, but then I feel like I’m intentionally giving him slack I wouldn’t cut other people because he is who he is, which feels just as biased. All of his books are on my reading list but I haven’t touched one yet.

Lair of the Queer Black Girl

One thing Tim said in this interview stuck out to me in particular:

“If you don’t like white allyship in general, that’s a problem. If you don’t like the fact that every now and then, those of us who are trying to be allies screw up, then you’re not really prepared for this work because that’s what people do. They make mistakes, they screw up, they don’t treat each other very kindly. We’ve got a lot bigger fish to fry than to sit and fight amongst each other about who has the best and most responsible Facebook page or the most responsible and respectful twitter feed. The history of white allyship is way too important for me or anyone else to sort of walk away from it because we get beef with somebody.”

What the holy shit is that?! He just insinuated that if we don’t like white allies, we…

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This nation was, simply put, conceived in and plagued by formal white supremacy for over 350 years, going back to the colonial period: it was a system of racial fascism. I know we don’t like that kind of talk. It probably seems like the kind of thing that would only be said by someone who hated America, or, alternately, had studied history.

–Tim Wise

(via Mastering The Arts)

I recognize that Tim Wise can be a problematic figure, but I cannot deny that he is on point, though.